Make a claim

Lodge a manual claim.

Make a claim by printing off the following claim form and sending it to us with a copy of your receipt.

Before lodging your claim

Please check that your receipt contains the following details:

  • Full name of the person who received the product, service or treatment.
  • Date of your service/treatment or the date the product was purchased.
  • Name of the healthcare practitioner who provided the product, service or treatment.
  • Provider number of the healthcare practitioner.
  • Address and contact number of the healthcare practitioner.

Download Claim Form

Please remember

  • If you have not paid the account, a cheque will be issued in the practitioner’s name.
  • All claims submitted must be less than two years from the date of service.
  • If you are sending in a claim for health aids, orthotics, orthopaedic shoes or contraceptives, you will need to include a letter from your prescribing practitioner detailing the medical reason you require the aid.
  • For inpatient medical claims we require you to send in the Medicare statement unless your invoice tells you to send it directly to your fund.
  • If you require your original receipt, please send us a copy as we do not send originals back.
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