Our values


At rt health we always hold ourselves to the highest standards of customer service and make a point of living our values. We work hard to always put our members first, and to be our best, every day.

The values that we hold most high include:

Working together

Like any team, we are stronger when we collaborate.

We play to our strengths and lean on each other in good times and bad. We respect the unique skills and talents everyone brings to the table, and we hear each other out when we see things differently.

Telling it like it is


When it comes to health, we believe our members deserve straight, honest and open communication, every time.

Whether it’s anticipating costs, understanding the extras you’re entitled to or providing proactive advice.

Our members deserve to be able to take us at our word, every time we interact.​

Putting others first


Taking care of your own health, or that of a loved one, can be confusing. It can disrupt your life, and leave you wondering how you’re going to cope.

We appreciate the fact that when you need us, you need our full attention and care. We never rush you off the phone or give you the run around. We stay with you as long as you need.

Owning our actions


Health problems can be hard to resolve, as can navigating the intricacies of health insurance.

We understand this. You won’t find us passing the buck or hoping someone else deals with something.

We’re accountable – to our members, to one another, and to ourselves. We believe in our decisions and we take confident and decisive actions to deliver on them.​

Spreading good energy


As with any business, the day-to-day challenges we face can take up all of our focus.​ We recognise this, and work to energise one another.

We’re open, approachable and constructive with our colleagues and members alike.

Searching for better


rt health has always been an innovator. We were Australia’s first registered health fund.

Disrupting the status quo is in our DNA, and we will always challenge the way things are done if it helps our members and their communities.